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Ze Cocktail Partay Aftermath!

[Sometimes, things work out perfectly well.

They'd managed to successfully say goodbye to their hosts, upholding an incredibly professional appearance at least until they left the building. He might have snuck in a few touches of his hand against Riza's over his arm on the way home, and the conversation took on a much more relaxed air.

He paused just outside her apartment, glancing up-- and then back at her trying to gauge the mood because he really wasn't sure if it was something she still wanted to do. This was a big deal, even if it was just tea.]

Here we are...
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[ It was relatively easy to get back to her professional but gracious stance. Their hosts had been kind after all, and whoever were left of their colleagues were those she felt good about. Not once did she make any move to pull away from Roy, returning his touches with a squeeze of his arm.

She took note of his pause as they arrived, and she gave his arm a light tug. ]

You aren't changing your mind now, are you?

[ Less a question, and more of humor. She wouldn't invite him for tea if she didn't find it necessary in the least. Besides, there hadn't been many occasions for any of her colleagues to drop by her place once she was able to settle in. ]

You know my things aren't in boxes anymore.

[ Another tug as she intended to lead the way. ]
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[ Clearing the stairs, the main door, grabbing a note that stuck out from her mail box (a note from the landlady, reminding her to fetch Hayate in the morning) that she tucks into her purse, and leading up a flight of stairs ... ]

I figured I could make time, one box at a time, one room at a time. I don't have many things to begin with.

[ It does say something about their evolving situation. More paperwork, granted; but less things that ultimately brought negative stress.

Soon, Riza's opening the door to her modest flat. To their right was a door that lead to a small kitchen, to their right was a storage cupbard, and up ahead was the sitting/living room with cozy dining table for four. With the cost of living relatively cheaper than in Central, Riza was fortunate to find a semi-furnished place. Further to the right was a hall that lead to her one bedroom and a bathroom. ]

Come on in, and make yourself at home.

[ That being said, she will help Roy out of his jacket. ]
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[ When was the last time they could actually feel 'safe' spending time in each other's house, without it being on an official basis? Of course, one can say that General Mustang was just being a gentleman and decided to walk his adjutant home. One can almost surmise as well that he had been ambushed with take-home work, so that he would be ready for work tomorrow. What others thought didn't matter at that moment.

After hanging Roy's jacket and her soft evening shawl, Riza was comfortable enough in her dress, but she truly had to step out of her heels. ]

Hayate's with the landlady downstairs. I'll be fetching him first thing in the morning.

[ If there was proper protocol on how to deal with a change or new additions in a relationship, Riza didn't know it. She moved in the that felt natural to her -- like reaching for Roy's hand to lead him, just like the first few days of his apprenticeship with her father. ]

We can sit in the kitchen, or you can wait in the living room. Tea won't take long to steep.

[ ... not that there was a big house to lead him around in. Was it such a sin to want to hold the hand of her heart's dearest? ]
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[ Riza certainly wouldn't mind Roy roaming around her house -- he was very welcome to do so. However, she felt that she just needed him around in the same space. She had this silly notion that if she let him out of her sight, he would just disappear -- that and she wanted to enjoy that casual proximity that they were starting to enjoy.

As she moved about the kitchen, fetching her tea tin, filling the kettle with water... ]

She likes him, and Hayate likes her in return. I might just be a little jealous.

[ She took a cue from that remark, slightly raising a brow as she looked at him sidelong, taking a measure of loose leaf tea into an infuser, and in turn into a pot. ]

You think so?

[ Not that Roy did not have a choice, but the lines of what could be seen as leadership are often blurred. After the water was set to heat, Riza stepped up to Roy to face him, humor in her smile. ]

I can serve you tea in your office if you like. [ She took a breath, adding somewhat belatedly as a reminder of sorts. ] You know you can ask anything of me.
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[ Riza saw Roy's humor well enough. ]

Maybe I'm just good at disguising it.

[ Her hand easily found his, fingers gently twining. It was different from when they had to hold on to each other in the line of duty, but there was no discomfort; it was as if they knew how their hands were supposed to fit into each other's; palms, fingers and scars.

This time, Roy's kiss didn't bring surprise, and it was a gesture she welcomed. Riza closed her eyes briefly, as if to commit the sensation of his lips on her skin. It felt very nice and it was something she can get used to. Opening her eyes again -- ]

Ah, I suppose the team have gotten used to coffee. Tea would be a drastic change. I do need them all to be awake -- specially you.

[ Her free hand had found itself by the side of Roy's collar, just so she can slightly tip toe and pull him gently closer... to kiss his cheek. And soon, she leaned her head on his shoulder. ]

Jean and the others don't have to know.

[ She trusted those men with her life, and she knew that Roy did too. But much as their little secret brought them joy, it might be a burden for them. It was one of the many things they both had to consider with their recent development. ]
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[ Not even when they were younger had they enjoyed each other's company like this, with the touch of a hand or an embrace; Riza being a shy girl and taking care of the old, worn down house and her sickly father, while Roy was mostly preoccupied with alchemy assignments.

Perhaps what they were experiencing were simply things finding their own time and place.

Riza touched Roy's cheek as she looked back up. It almost felt liberating to be able to look at him in adoration like this. With the duties they had to fulfill, her mask had to be perfect; and yet, the stray smiles still managed to escape. ]

In time. They will have to deal about being in the dark for some time.

[ This close though, Riza would be loathe not to at least try and enjoy this fully; and after a brief brush of her thumb over the corner of Roy's lips, she tilted her head up, quietly asking for a kiss. A bold move on her part, perhaps; but rarely did Riza hesitate when it came to things that felt right. ]
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[ Those moments had been fleeting, but otherwise precious. Anyone else who might have had the luck of seeing them exchange it could probably tell how much they meant to each other.

Riza held on to Roy's shoulder and cheek as she sought more of his kisses. The gesture, this start on intimacy, now that they were reveling in it, felt like it was something way overdue. But this was no time to dwell on what could have or should have happened.

At the slightest note of the kettle whistling, Riza reacted out of habit, wanting to pull away; but her motions only felt as if she had taken a much needed breath. She had caught Roy's lip in hers as he held her close, before resuming what she believed to be a "proper" kiss--

Until Riza found that she couldn't leave the kettle whistling like that for much longer. With much reluctance -- she was very much liking their intimate proximity -- her lips part from Roy's, only to linger against his chin and the curve of his jaw. ]

I-- I have to take care of that.

[ But she will only completely pull away if Roy loosens his hold, as if she were asking permission from him. ]
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[ The next life... was there even such a thing? It wasn't a thought that Riza entertained too often, but in the rare chance that she did, regardless in what form she took, she felt that she would be looking after someone she felt deeply for.

But for now, there was only this one life. So many times in which they both stood in the face of Death, only to cheat him of his tribute. Their dream was important and it was coming true; but surely, they have been spared for other reasons than that? And perhaps, Hughes' harping about Roy getting a wife all that time wasn't so silly after all.

Her own skin was warm, and it took some quiet reminder on her part that yes, the kettle was singing and that she wasn't keen on burning the kitchen down; and, as a humorous afterthought, specially not with the dry match she was holding close to her.

With a slow, controlled breath, Riza pulled away to tend to the tea she had promised -- ]

They're in the cupboard above the sink.

[ Roy wasn't alone in entertaining questions. Up to this point, Riza was thinking if it wasn't already too late to put a stop to this. They had nurtured a dream so carefully over so many years, all the while guarding their hearts. Was this how it felt, once a door was open? That hidden emotions felt as if they grew wings and ached to soar in the sky?

Riza's hands were as steady as ever as she poured water into the pot to let the tea steep. Maybe-- maybe tea would clear their minds; or maybe she was just looking for a convincing excuse to say that this was all a mistake and that she didn't mean to meet him halfway, that she didn't mean to want to kiss him and -- ]

Here. [ She took a small tray that she had left on the dish rack and placed it on the counter, while she took care of the rest of the tea effects. ] Will you get the jar of honey as well, please? It's in the cupboard to your right.

[ was it already too late to stop what has already taken flight? ]
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[ Making tea or coffee for two as instead of just one -- it was a familiar gesture that took Riza back to warmer and gentler days back in her father's house. It reminded her that she wasn't alone, that she had someone to look to when she was scared and lonely.

Today, she certainly wasn't lonely, but she was a little scared. Riza had to remind herself though that she and Roy had known each other for so long, that they had built so much trust, faith, and loyalty between them, that surely, they would still be there for each other no matter what happens.

She probably took extra care in closing the tea pot's lid, the porcelain connecting with a minimal clink. Riza could almost feel the air shift as Roy moved behind her, until she felt his hands on her, and then him against her back. And when he spoke, it felt as if his voice resonated in her and it sent tremors through her skin. It was that warmth again, and she sighed, closing her eyes, her hands wrapping about Roy's and leaning into his embrace just so, the back of her head against his shoulder. ]

Three minutes for a perfect brew.

[ Being in Roy's arms like that, Riza realized, was just like being in her favorite quilt -- warm, comfortable, and homely. ]

Any longer and it'll be bitter and lukewarm.

[ She wasn't exactly looking forward to a reason to remove herself from such a comfortable position, but Riza wouldn't want to serve her superior officer subpar tea. ]
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[ If there was something that didn't change so much about Riza was that she was a wallflower, as proved by the early evening's gathering. She wouldn't be present unless she had a good reason to be there.

Like Roy, she couldn't feel quite at ease in one place without him around, or at least, knowing where he was, or hearing the sound of his voice. Having separated from their team, and ultimately, from him, had been one of the most tense moments in their lives and she was thankful that that had come to pass and will most likely never happen again.

But with having him so near, it was easier to chase away those specters of the past. ]

--mmh... keep track, will you?

[ Just a little humorous jab, but Riza's voice came hushed, if a bit breathless, as her fingers found their space between Roy's. It was as if they had done this plenty of times already. In dreams and idle fantasy, perhaps, but never acted upon, never spoken of.

They have held conversations over the phone many times; Roy had been flirty with her as Elizabeth, but to have him speak to her like that made her feel sinful -- and it was a sin she would never repent for.

Unwittingly, Riza pressed her backside snugly against Roy's hip, as her hand found its way to the side of his face, encouraging his touches and kisses. ]
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[ One had become an essential part of the other. As to when it had exactly begun, as to when they had both acknowledged that fact, was hard to pinpoint. It was history written in blood and fire, and their future can perhaps be written in something more gentle, but just as heated.

Riza started to question as to exactly why she invited Roy over for tea in the first place. She had hoped for conversation, to talk about what was happening to them, to plan as to how they will deal with this in the morning once the cocktail's regalia came off, and the uniform came back on...

Being human, and behaving as such -- not killing machines doing someone else's bidding, or beasts living in fear of those higher in the food chain -- had been a luxury for the longest time. But now, letting their hands and lips go as they pleased, letting their breaths and the movements of their bodies do he talking, it was indeed far more a natural thing than formalities.

With his kisses and the command of his hand, it was almost as if Roy had stolen the sharp retort that Riza had prepared for him. She bit the inside of her lip to stopper a sound more pleased than plaintive, her hands gripping his, and her hips pressing against his once more in response. What he was doing to her was sweet torture. The next instance she opens her mouth was when she turned her head, half blindly seeking Roy's lips; and if it weren't his lips, she would be content with the side of his face, the line of his jaw. Taking her turn to speak against his skin -- ]

And yet you distract me. You're good at that.
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[ Alcohol was never a fit excuse for anything, in Riza's opinion. The words both spoken and unspoken, the quiet little gestures that lead to this were all of their conscious choices -- Roy not taking that last drink, Riza inviting him over for tea.

Roy's suggestion had gone unanswered, as she answered to another kind of bidding. The counter set against her backside, she brought her hands to either side of his face to pull him close and meet his kiss. Having known each other for so long, Riza will always figure out what Roy wanted -- in a few words or none; and she trusted that he will do the same for her. Her lips move against his, only to pause and lean her brow to his -- ]

Then I'll brew another batch. [ -- and to give him a smile. ] Later.

[ The tea can wait. Everything else can wait as they claimed the moment for themselves, as she claimed his lips once more. Riza's fingers found Roy's collar, seeking to loosen up his tie. So close like this, and she could feel his warmth against her -- he might need to be more comfortable, she thought. ]
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[ It had been a tacit agreement between them, that neither would do what the other did not wish to do. They might have skirted the rule from time to time, but it was in those times in which they were facing matters of life and death. So far, their decisions and wit hadn't lead them astray.

'Later' was for when they could actually sit down properly and enjoy the drink -- which was very much looking like the morning over breakfast -- but 'now' was what mattered. Their kisses mattered, heated and needy as they were; their touches mattered, their hands suddenly busy over skin and clothes. It suddenly felt so easy to let all inhibitions go and let things progress without any more care but...

Riza had taken to undoing the first two buttons of Roy's shirt, finally undoing his tie, as his hands tugged up the skirt of her dress. Having her legs bared, and feeling the fabric of his pants gaginst the skin of her thighs made her pause. She brought a hand down to grip one of his -- not to stop him; in fact the gesture hiked her skirt a little further up. Once again, she stopped in her kisses -- ]

Right here?

[ Idly, Riza did wonder if kitchen trysts were truly doable, or if they were better left in the realm of fiction. While it seemed to be another moment of "not here", she did mention she had better furnishings than he did.

Her gaze briefly swept to the skin by Roy's collar, up to his lips, then to his eyes. She always sought his agreement, but in the cases that he had other plans, she trusted whatever decision he came to. ]

We can move.

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