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Ze Cocktail Partay Aftermath!

[Sometimes, things work out perfectly well.

They'd managed to successfully say goodbye to their hosts, upholding an incredibly professional appearance at least until they left the building. He might have snuck in a few touches of his hand against Riza's over his arm on the way home, and the conversation took on a much more relaxed air.

He paused just outside her apartment, glancing up-- and then back at her trying to gauge the mood because he really wasn't sure if it was something she still wanted to do. This was a big deal, even if it was just tea.]

Here we are...
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[ Riza made a mental note to summon that sound from him more often -- she would confess to do so for her own personal enjoyment; but of course, if Roy was happy in any measure, then she was happy.

Roy's touches coaxed more soft sounds of amusement, as she took a short moment to reach out and switch off her bedside lamp. As she slid back closely beside him, she smiled amusingly. She was tempted to fight and stay awake, just so she can watch him sleep in her bed, but he'll need her eyes alert, as always. ]

Good night, Roy.

[ ... and now her sheets will smell of him, too. ]