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Ze Cocktail Partay Aftermath!

[Sometimes, things work out perfectly well.

They'd managed to successfully say goodbye to their hosts, upholding an incredibly professional appearance at least until they left the building. He might have snuck in a few touches of his hand against Riza's over his arm on the way home, and the conversation took on a much more relaxed air.

He paused just outside her apartment, glancing up-- and then back at her trying to gauge the mood because he really wasn't sure if it was something she still wanted to do. This was a big deal, even if it was just tea.]

Here we are...
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[ Any evil little feelings Riza had, whenever she was aware of Roy's especial non-work whereabouts, she kept at bay. She knew that whatever Roy did, they were necessary, they were done with care, and never with the intention to hurt her. She had no right to be jealous of the women whose company he enjoyed outside of work. She had chosen her own path, and she will keep to that road until the end...

Besides, she knew that he would always come back to her. And now he is right here, just for her and no one else.

This time, she caught the movement of his hips with an upward stroke of hers. Her hand clenched in his hair, while her other hand stroked up the lines of his arm, to rest at the curve of his neck and shoulder with a firm grip.

Riza's eyes took on a brief look of mild surprise, before giving in to a smile that easily said, "You are incorrigible." She chuckled lightly, closing her eyes, the tension from earlier gradually easing off, allowing her to enjoy the closeness and warmth, and to give way to a sweeter, slow-burning tension. ]

I'll take care to give a fair evaluation.

[ After a quick little nuzzle, her lips found the corner of his mouth, the curve of his chin, and the lines of his neck. Her thumb and her lips gently stroke the gentle pulses against his skin, as her leg lazily slides up against his side. ]
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[ No science or alchemy would have allowed them to predict this outcome; yet as with the rumors... they say there wasn't smoke without fire. Some could just be genuinely jesting, while others were more perceptive.

Roy and Riza had their chances -- numerous missed ones. They were perhaps part of the reason as to why this had become so intense; that for each missed chance was a piece dropped in exchange for what was to come. Riza didn't believe in destiny, but she believed in balance and give-and-take. It wasn't that it would never happen, but it was just a matter of time, what with the bond and affection they share.

Thoughts of what shouldn't happen, what they shouldn't be doing, were all tucked away. There was no room for them in the here and now of the deeper physical manifestation of their affections. All of Riza's thoughts were of Roy and of each breath he took, each sound he made...

With a lingering breath against Roy's skin, Riza gave in; there were no words as she hummed pleasingly at the attention Roy poured on her. She found no reason to complain for the lack of finesse, as each kiss and touch of his lips only served to further fan the flames he had ignited in her --

-- and even more so with each stroke of his hips against hers. She was reminded of what she was denied of earlier, and Riza found herself desperately wanting it. Her hands roamed his skin, finding anchor about his back, as her body followed his guidance. The need for more finally drew her to hook a leg about his waist, urging him closer still. ]
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[ There were so many things that they would need to reconsider, following this particular development in their relationship: whether they would be able to engage in this intimacy with any sort of regularity; whether they would be able to hold back on their stolen glances and subtle verbal innuendos; and then there was the matter of Roy's reputation. Riza would insist on him maintaining his womanizing ways, just so to draw the attention away from them, and again, to support their growing dream. She will need to will herself not to be jealous, and to carry with being nonplussed and dry in her humor as she piled paperwork on him...

But Riza wouldn't be Riza if she didn't hold an ounce of worry, and those thoughts crossed her mind: fleetingly enough so as not to be too distracting; but poignant enough to summon that bit of possessiveness she very seldom indulged in. So much of her life had been devoted to elements bigger than her, so maybe, just for this moment, she can be selfish.

Having Roy face to face once again allowed her to look him in the eye, and to send a message of her claim on him. Each upstroke of her hips meet his, and release was undoubtedly coming for her, strong like wildfire. Once again, she found his lips, spilling ecstasy onto his tongue, his name all but drowned as her body felt like it was being drawn tight like an archer's bow, and all she had to do was let go... ]
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[ On the other hand, this was all very new for Riza, and each ounce of physical attention, she wanted to do again and again. Every subtle movement only made the flames inside her burn white hot, that by the time Roy pulled away from her kiss, his name mingled with sounds of ecstasy as he had her coming with a distinct kind of pleasure. Indeed, a different experience.

With his forehead against hers, she gripped tight on his back, his shoulders, she bit her lip hard, only allowing whimpers to pass. And then, the look she gave him was wet, and her lips parted to release hitched breaths, as she came undone around him.

Soon, she was on her way to steady her breathing, her limbs finally releasing all of their tension, her leg sliding off of Roy's waist and allowing her weight to rest heavily on her bed. Her hands still lingered about him, nuzzling his face and letting her lips just brush whimsically. She figured he might feel just as spent as she did, and soon her arms were around him -- not constricting, so as to allow him to lie down if he wanted to.

Riza hasn't forgotten that she said she would give him a "fair evaluation", but that can wait until she has recovered her breath -- at the soonest. ]
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then I shall sob with you as I apologize in turn '''orz

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[ To be able to look at Roy like this means so much to her. He means the world to her. More than once, Riza might have allowed herself to some fantasy. At the least, now she can say that the reality is much better than fleeting thoughts.

She held his gaze, briefly wondering if she was seeing him any differently after all this. But was it supposed to be different? There were so many truths as to how she felt about him that she had to temper and bury. There were still many things that must remain unsaid. And yet, there was no one else in the world to whom she can unveil her soul to. He was the only one who can witness what she would usually hide from everyone else -- her weaknesses and her desires -- and so, yes: she is his, as much as he is hers. That was happiness enough for her.

Riza shifted just so Roy can make himself at ease by her side. With a last sigh, she turned to her side, facing him, and with a gentle but shy smile, she leaned her forehead against his shoulder, bringing her arm up to his. She might have recovered her breath, but her heart still beat strongly.

After a moment she looked back up, humor in her eyes. ]

Ready to receive your evaluation?
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[ It was only with her that Roy can show that side of him -- childish, hopeful -- and that slight sheepishness that she saw was something she hadn't seen in a long time. Seeing some of that told her that things were good.

And yet it puzzled her some. Her giving him an "evaluation" was more of a jest than anything, and she certainly was not in any position to give him any kind of score; not to mention, that would be in poor form.

Riza made a soft amused sound. She was settled quite nicely against his side, warm and content. ]

Well... [ Thinking of what to say, not only made her look at the immeasurable things that kept them together, but also made her think of the more grounded: that they just shared something more basic and tangible, and definitely very, very pleasant. Her smile was sober, but nonetheless loving. ] I'm happy.

[ She took a breath, and as she anticipated what she will say next, and how much it all means to her, her heart hammered in pace. ] I'm happy that I'm with you, and that you're with me.
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[ She was just about to be content for the silence, for the words left unsaid as they are wont, until Roy spoke...

-- and for a moment that seemed to have stretched on to forever, Riza gazed as if puzzled -- but it was more of her trying to recall as to when exactly was the last time she had heard him say those words?

The opportunities were far apart and far too few, in her opinion. There were eyes and ears that followed -- preyed -- on them. Tonight however, was further proof that the world is changing, and that indeed, whatever efforts and sacrifices they have sowed in the past, they now come to reap their fruits.

With the physical high subsiding, her heart gives way to a different kind of high -- relief, joy, satisfaction all in one package. Her emotions then bid her to smile in return. With her hand over his heart -- ]

Will you say it again? Please.

[ She's not drunk either, but her request was far less because of her misunderstanding, but she just wants to hear his voice saying those words again. ]
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[ When Roy drew nearer, Riza held him tighter. Soft laughter bubbled to her lips at Roy's kisses, and she nuzzled his face as he did so.

Anticipating her request to be granted, she closed her eyes...

And when he said it, she released a breath that she barely realized she held. In a sigh -- ]


[ She shifted, gently coaxing her partner to a position where she can touch his face and look him in the eye. ]

I love you.

[ Her face showed all of the gladness to be able to say those words to him. For all those times they have only allowed themselves the most subtle of gestures and looks, being able to speak her heart to the man she loves made it all feel complete. ]
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[ Albeit that old habits die hard, but Riza was just thankful for the option, and in the same heartbeat, she vowed to the same in return for Roy. It would be back to the strict formalities once they step back out into the world, but that was something to worry over for another time.

She closed her eyes at the contact, revelling in the closeness. Brushing her lips to his, she mouths those words again -- only because she can -- before pressing in for a brief kiss. ]

Lights out?

[ She's loathe to remind him verbally that they have Things To Do in the morning. Besides, Riza knows when to figuratively pour a bucket of ice over Roy. ]
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[ Riza made a mental note to summon that sound from him more often -- she would confess to do so for her own personal enjoyment; but of course, if Roy was happy in any measure, then she was happy.

Roy's touches coaxed more soft sounds of amusement, as she took a short moment to reach out and switch off her bedside lamp. As she slid back closely beside him, she smiled amusingly. She was tempted to fight and stay awake, just so she can watch him sleep in her bed, but he'll need her eyes alert, as always. ]

Good night, Roy.

[ ... and now her sheets will smell of him, too. ]