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Ze Cocktail Partay Aftermath!

[Sometimes, things work out perfectly well.

They'd managed to successfully say goodbye to their hosts, upholding an incredibly professional appearance at least until they left the building. He might have snuck in a few touches of his hand against Riza's over his arm on the way home, and the conversation took on a much more relaxed air.

He paused just outside her apartment, glancing up-- and then back at her trying to gauge the mood because he really wasn't sure if it was something she still wanted to do. This was a big deal, even if it was just tea.]

Here we are...
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[ Those moments had been fleeting, but otherwise precious. Anyone else who might have had the luck of seeing them exchange it could probably tell how much they meant to each other.

Riza held on to Roy's shoulder and cheek as she sought more of his kisses. The gesture, this start on intimacy, now that they were reveling in it, felt like it was something way overdue. But this was no time to dwell on what could have or should have happened.

At the slightest note of the kettle whistling, Riza reacted out of habit, wanting to pull away; but her motions only felt as if she had taken a much needed breath. She had caught Roy's lip in hers as he held her close, before resuming what she believed to be a "proper" kiss--

Until Riza found that she couldn't leave the kettle whistling like that for much longer. With much reluctance -- she was very much liking their intimate proximity -- her lips part from Roy's, only to linger against his chin and the curve of his jaw. ]

I-- I have to take care of that.

[ But she will only completely pull away if Roy loosens his hold, as if she were asking permission from him. ]
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[ The next life... was there even such a thing? It wasn't a thought that Riza entertained too often, but in the rare chance that she did, regardless in what form she took, she felt that she would be looking after someone she felt deeply for.

But for now, there was only this one life. So many times in which they both stood in the face of Death, only to cheat him of his tribute. Their dream was important and it was coming true; but surely, they have been spared for other reasons than that? And perhaps, Hughes' harping about Roy getting a wife all that time wasn't so silly after all.

Her own skin was warm, and it took some quiet reminder on her part that yes, the kettle was singing and that she wasn't keen on burning the kitchen down; and, as a humorous afterthought, specially not with the dry match she was holding close to her.

With a slow, controlled breath, Riza pulled away to tend to the tea she had promised -- ]

They're in the cupboard above the sink.

[ Roy wasn't alone in entertaining questions. Up to this point, Riza was thinking if it wasn't already too late to put a stop to this. They had nurtured a dream so carefully over so many years, all the while guarding their hearts. Was this how it felt, once a door was open? That hidden emotions felt as if they grew wings and ached to soar in the sky?

Riza's hands were as steady as ever as she poured water into the pot to let the tea steep. Maybe-- maybe tea would clear their minds; or maybe she was just looking for a convincing excuse to say that this was all a mistake and that she didn't mean to meet him halfway, that she didn't mean to want to kiss him and -- ]

Here. [ She took a small tray that she had left on the dish rack and placed it on the counter, while she took care of the rest of the tea effects. ] Will you get the jar of honey as well, please? It's in the cupboard to your right.

[ was it already too late to stop what has already taken flight? ]
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[ Making tea or coffee for two as instead of just one -- it was a familiar gesture that took Riza back to warmer and gentler days back in her father's house. It reminded her that she wasn't alone, that she had someone to look to when she was scared and lonely.

Today, she certainly wasn't lonely, but she was a little scared. Riza had to remind herself though that she and Roy had known each other for so long, that they had built so much trust, faith, and loyalty between them, that surely, they would still be there for each other no matter what happens.

She probably took extra care in closing the tea pot's lid, the porcelain connecting with a minimal clink. Riza could almost feel the air shift as Roy moved behind her, until she felt his hands on her, and then him against her back. And when he spoke, it felt as if his voice resonated in her and it sent tremors through her skin. It was that warmth again, and she sighed, closing her eyes, her hands wrapping about Roy's and leaning into his embrace just so, the back of her head against his shoulder. ]

Three minutes for a perfect brew.

[ Being in Roy's arms like that, Riza realized, was just like being in her favorite quilt -- warm, comfortable, and homely. ]

Any longer and it'll be bitter and lukewarm.

[ She wasn't exactly looking forward to a reason to remove herself from such a comfortable position, but Riza wouldn't want to serve her superior officer subpar tea. ]
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[ If there was something that didn't change so much about Riza was that she was a wallflower, as proved by the early evening's gathering. She wouldn't be present unless she had a good reason to be there.

Like Roy, she couldn't feel quite at ease in one place without him around, or at least, knowing where he was, or hearing the sound of his voice. Having separated from their team, and ultimately, from him, had been one of the most tense moments in their lives and she was thankful that that had come to pass and will most likely never happen again.

But with having him so near, it was easier to chase away those specters of the past. ]

--mmh... keep track, will you?

[ Just a little humorous jab, but Riza's voice came hushed, if a bit breathless, as her fingers found their space between Roy's. It was as if they had done this plenty of times already. In dreams and idle fantasy, perhaps, but never acted upon, never spoken of.

They have held conversations over the phone many times; Roy had been flirty with her as Elizabeth, but to have him speak to her like that made her feel sinful -- and it was a sin she would never repent for.

Unwittingly, Riza pressed her backside snugly against Roy's hip, as her hand found its way to the side of his face, encouraging his touches and kisses. ]
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[ One had become an essential part of the other. As to when it had exactly begun, as to when they had both acknowledged that fact, was hard to pinpoint. It was history written in blood and fire, and their future can perhaps be written in something more gentle, but just as heated.

Riza started to question as to exactly why she invited Roy over for tea in the first place. She had hoped for conversation, to talk about what was happening to them, to plan as to how they will deal with this in the morning once the cocktail's regalia came off, and the uniform came back on...

Being human, and behaving as such -- not killing machines doing someone else's bidding, or beasts living in fear of those higher in the food chain -- had been a luxury for the longest time. But now, letting their hands and lips go as they pleased, letting their breaths and the movements of their bodies do he talking, it was indeed far more a natural thing than formalities.

With his kisses and the command of his hand, it was almost as if Roy had stolen the sharp retort that Riza had prepared for him. She bit the inside of her lip to stopper a sound more pleased than plaintive, her hands gripping his, and her hips pressing against his once more in response. What he was doing to her was sweet torture. The next instance she opens her mouth was when she turned her head, half blindly seeking Roy's lips; and if it weren't his lips, she would be content with the side of his face, the line of his jaw. Taking her turn to speak against his skin -- ]

And yet you distract me. You're good at that.
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[ Alcohol was never a fit excuse for anything, in Riza's opinion. The words both spoken and unspoken, the quiet little gestures that lead to this were all of their conscious choices -- Roy not taking that last drink, Riza inviting him over for tea.

Roy's suggestion had gone unanswered, as she answered to another kind of bidding. The counter set against her backside, she brought her hands to either side of his face to pull him close and meet his kiss. Having known each other for so long, Riza will always figure out what Roy wanted -- in a few words or none; and she trusted that he will do the same for her. Her lips move against his, only to pause and lean her brow to his -- ]

Then I'll brew another batch. [ -- and to give him a smile. ] Later.

[ The tea can wait. Everything else can wait as they claimed the moment for themselves, as she claimed his lips once more. Riza's fingers found Roy's collar, seeking to loosen up his tie. So close like this, and she could feel his warmth against her -- he might need to be more comfortable, she thought. ]
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[ It had been a tacit agreement between them, that neither would do what the other did not wish to do. They might have skirted the rule from time to time, but it was in those times in which they were facing matters of life and death. So far, their decisions and wit hadn't lead them astray.

'Later' was for when they could actually sit down properly and enjoy the drink -- which was very much looking like the morning over breakfast -- but 'now' was what mattered. Their kisses mattered, heated and needy as they were; their touches mattered, their hands suddenly busy over skin and clothes. It suddenly felt so easy to let all inhibitions go and let things progress without any more care but...

Riza had taken to undoing the first two buttons of Roy's shirt, finally undoing his tie, as his hands tugged up the skirt of her dress. Having her legs bared, and feeling the fabric of his pants gaginst the skin of her thighs made her pause. She brought a hand down to grip one of his -- not to stop him; in fact the gesture hiked her skirt a little further up. Once again, she stopped in her kisses -- ]

Right here?

[ Idly, Riza did wonder if kitchen trysts were truly doable, or if they were better left in the realm of fiction. While it seemed to be another moment of "not here", she did mention she had better furnishings than he did.

Her gaze briefly swept to the skin by Roy's collar, up to his lips, then to his eyes. She always sought his agreement, but in the cases that he had other plans, she trusted whatever decision he came to. ]

We can move.
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[ Whatever they might end up doing, there definitely will be no turning back. They can try, but they will not be able to deny the truth to themselves and simply forget about it. Like the many other things in their lives, they will have to stand for their decisions and do their best to move forward without any regret.

Riza eased into Roy's guidance, her gaze only briefly pointing down as she patted the velvety fabric of her dress down, and she sought to catch his look again. She appreciated him leaving the choice to her, and she knew that Roy truly wasn't the incorrigible womanizer he made his image out to be, in the same manner that she wasn't 'Elizabeth'.

He had made his intentions clear, but she realized that she might have needed to make hers clearer. Her arm slid to his back, as her other hand slipped his tie off of his neck. Riza spoke with a hint of sheepishness -- a smile and a coloring to her cheeks -- realizing what her answer implied. They might not be teenagers, but this level of intimacy was something she held onto with certain amount of importance.

Though who else to share it with, other than the most important person in her life? ]

We'd be more comfortable in the bedroom, I believe. Come.

[ With a coaxing tug at Roy's side, Riza leads the way out of the kitchen, into the hall, and into her bedroom. ]
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[ With every movement, with every breath, Riza's senses were tuned to Roy, waiting for any little sign that he didn't want this, that she was wrong. But every touch of their hands, every look and every step, her doubts are quelled. She had to remind herself that as long as it's just between her and Roy, she had no reason to doubt, and that she can walk forward in confidence.

... not that it'll stop her from glancing over her shoulder with a smile, and giving the hand that held hers a gentle squeeze.

They had faced things much more frightening and life-threatening, and yet her heart was threatening to leap out of her chest. It felt as if they were walking to a precipice together and that soon, they would have to jump, and find out whether they'll fall to their deaths or fly. Regardless, her promise to him that day remained: that she will follow him unto hell. What had gone unsaid, and that she realized later, was that Roy would do the same for her, and that hell wasn't the only place they could follow each other into...

Riza almost started to regret ever choosing that dress and had the awful thought that it would burst at the seams if she didn't breathe. But breathe she did, a long and deep one, once they had crossed the threshold of her bedroom; and each breath was one more step into reclaiming and claiming what she believed they both deserved.

Riza turned to face Roy once more, tossing the tie onto her bed behind her, before tugging him by the collar to pull him in, kissing him as if he had become her source of air. For a moment, she dared him in her mind to tell her to stop, to order to stop, but she knew she will just retort with her usual pigheadedness. But at this point, she was confident in their tacit agreement, signed and sealed with each touch of their lips and, in Riza's case, with each button of Roy's shirt that came undone. ]
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[ If pressed for a choice, Riza would say that this whole ordeal amused her -- only once they were able to do any kind of "looking back". Even in dark fairy tales, some good came out for someone, and Riza would be forever grateful, if they can even get a glimpse of something this good, despite all of their sins.

Riza resisted in pressing too much against Roy, despite the strong urge to do so. Her dress being unzipped made her shudder, but she didn't stop him. If there was anyone who could touch and see her back now, it was only Roy. The sensation had become foreign, however; indeed, she had refrained from intimate physical contact, despite Roy having freed her from the burden of the secrets her back held. It wasn't a story she was willing to share with just anybody, and she hoped that it was one that would end with her and Roy. It was such that Riza had gained the skill of being able to zip herself up and down without any assistance from others, and so the mere gesture of someone else doing it for her, gave her a tinge of nervousness -- which, very soon, gave way to relief, as soon, she will be free of that dress.

But that didn't stop her hand. She took advantage of Roy's pause to finally slip the shirt off of his shoulders and to have it join the tie on the bed, and her lips wandered down his neck. She might be around him day in and day out, and she cannot imagine her life without him around, but having him fill her senses like this was pleasingly indulgent.

As long as there were no complaints, then Riza had no reason to stay her hand. Her tone came almost as if she was reminding him of paperwork when she spoke against his ear -- ]

You're not done.

[ -- except that it held no bite of her usually dry humor. It held a touch of impatience and plenty of desire. ]
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[ Roy's look and, well, diligence, was rewarded with a gentle and knowing smile, helping him along in getting the dress clear off her hips. It wasn't the first time she had undressed in front of him, but the last times were far from being as pleasant as this.

As if they were just walking in tandem to each other down the halls of East City HQ or Central HQ, Riza moved easily within Roy's grasp and with his guidance, laid down on the bed. It was impossible not to feel his heart beating against her own chest, and she knew what it meant: if he was nervous, then she will do her best to be cool and collected enough for the both of them --

But even that was proving to be difficult, not when she could feel more of his skin on hers, and his kisses were stealing away every single word she had on her tongue. When her hands ran up his arms, and down his sides, she felt each scar against her fingertips. Each of them held stories she knew all too well -- she had only seen them, but never touched them. It offered no pleasure to be reminded of her failures to protect him in those times, but now -- now that she can touch him -- she can offer more comfort, and more of her love. ]
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[ One of these days, Riza might just learn how to undress in front of Roy-- for Roy. For now, they will have to be content with this dance not going quite like as it would in the movies -- not that Riza cared about that in the least.

They worked together in the office, they worked together even when apart, and there was therefore no reason that they couldn't work in the bedroom together. She too, wanted to prolong that kiss as much as possible, but there were still obstacles in her way. She could sense Roy's urgency, punctuated by their lips parting again. ]

Here-- get up and hold still.

[ useless B( Riza sat up and took it upon her hands to help him along, skillful fingers doing quick work of buckles, buttons and zippers. But her fingers betrayed a bit of a tremble -- one of anticipation, inexperience, and perhaps, a bit of her innate shyness -- as her knuckles brushed against him intimately through fabric.

Riza wasn't the type to torment (until she learns how to) and she was known for her efficiency; and so, with a look in his eyes and soft smile, she started to clear the rest of Roy's clothes off of his waist and past his hips. She certainly hadn't undressed a man in this context before, and undressing people for treatment was a wholly different matter. ]

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