drownsinflowers: (devious)
Roy Mustang ([personal profile] drownsinflowers) wrote 2013-10-19 07:38 pm (UTC)

[As long as they were in this together, there was very likely no way that either of them would be turning in another direction. Unless something happened along the way, and in their lives it had been known to happen, he firmly believed that the decisions they made together were permanent. It was the very reason it had taken this long, even after the biggest threat to their lives had been dealt with.

He knew Riza well enough to know that she was providing him with a solid grip on her desires. It made his breath catch in his throat, but they weren't teenagers, and this was less about doing, and so much more about who they were, together, to each other.

The small exchange had opened the flood gates, and just the sensation of his tie being pulled from around his collar made him shiver, the colour of her cheeks was important to note, the smile - one he quietly hoped to be privy to more frequently.]

Of course--

[Roy needed little encouragement, but rather than be tugged, he dropped his hand to slip into hers - letting his fingers thread into the spaces between her own, not that he could keep his hands off her for very long, and letting her move ahead of him for once meant he could slip his free hand around her waist again, managing to fall into some kind of step right behind her as she led the way.]

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