drownsinflowers: (I said no)
Roy Mustang ([personal profile] drownsinflowers) wrote 2013-10-19 06:44 pm (UTC)

[There had been plenty of moments when he thought he might liked to have gone and acted against her will completely and utterly, those moments beneath the City, watching her on the floor. Eye contact had always been important for the both of them, and apparently it continued to be a staple within their relationship.

Roy couldn't look away, although the briefest glance down at the hand that curled around his wrist was warranted, he managed to catch the way she looked at him, saw the truth in it and knew this wasn't one sided.

By the time she'd vocalised her suggestion his mind was reeling. This was happening. Seriously, if they did this he knew there was no going back, because it was just as significant for him as it was to her, despite the things people said about him.

Gently he let his fingers uncurl from around the fabric he'd taken hold of, smoothing it down slightly and dragging his hand back up again, around her side until he could slowly ease her away from the kitchen counter, taking a step back as he went but making sure that the contact they made never broke.]

... To?

[Because, even now-- she might simply have meant that perhaps they could spend some time on the couch... kissing, or maybe the next place for them was her bedroom.]

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