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Ze Cocktail Partay Aftermath!

[Sometimes, things work out perfectly well.

They'd managed to successfully say goodbye to their hosts, upholding an incredibly professional appearance at least until they left the building. He might have snuck in a few touches of his hand against Riza's over his arm on the way home, and the conversation took on a much more relaxed air.

He paused just outside her apartment, glancing up-- and then back at her trying to gauge the mood because he really wasn't sure if it was something she still wanted to do. This was a big deal, even if it was just tea.]

Here we are...
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[ It was relatively easy to get back to her professional but gracious stance. Their hosts had been kind after all, and whoever were left of their colleagues were those she felt good about. Not once did she make any move to pull away from Roy, returning his touches with a squeeze of his arm.

She took note of his pause as they arrived, and she gave his arm a light tug. ]

You aren't changing your mind now, are you?

[ Less a question, and more of humor. She wouldn't invite him for tea if she didn't find it necessary in the least. Besides, there hadn't been many occasions for any of her colleagues to drop by her place once she was able to settle in. ]

You know my things aren't in boxes anymore.

[ Another tug as she intended to lead the way. ]