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Lt. Riza Hawkeye ([personal profile] inhersights) wrote in [personal profile] drownsinflowers 2013-10-07 02:46 pm (UTC)

[ Clearing the stairs, the main door, grabbing a note that stuck out from her mail box (a note from the landlady, reminding her to fetch Hayate in the morning) that she tucks into her purse, and leading up a flight of stairs ... ]

I figured I could make time, one box at a time, one room at a time. I don't have many things to begin with.

[ It does say something about their evolving situation. More paperwork, granted; but less things that ultimately brought negative stress.

Soon, Riza's opening the door to her modest flat. To their right was a door that lead to a small kitchen, to their right was a storage cupbard, and up ahead was the sitting/living room with cozy dining table for four. With the cost of living relatively cheaper than in Central, Riza was fortunate to find a semi-furnished place. Further to the right was a hall that lead to her one bedroom and a bathroom. ]

Come on in, and make yourself at home.

[ That being said, she will help Roy out of his jacket. ]

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