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Lt. Riza Hawkeye ([personal profile] inhersights) wrote in [personal profile] drownsinflowers 2013-10-19 06:37 pm (UTC)

[ It had been a tacit agreement between them, that neither would do what the other did not wish to do. They might have skirted the rule from time to time, but it was in those times in which they were facing matters of life and death. So far, their decisions and wit hadn't lead them astray.

'Later' was for when they could actually sit down properly and enjoy the drink -- which was very much looking like the morning over breakfast -- but 'now' was what mattered. Their kisses mattered, heated and needy as they were; their touches mattered, their hands suddenly busy over skin and clothes. It suddenly felt so easy to let all inhibitions go and let things progress without any more care but...

Riza had taken to undoing the first two buttons of Roy's shirt, finally undoing his tie, as his hands tugged up the skirt of her dress. Having her legs bared, and feeling the fabric of his pants gaginst the skin of her thighs made her pause. She brought a hand down to grip one of his -- not to stop him; in fact the gesture hiked her skirt a little further up. Once again, she stopped in her kisses -- ]

Right here?

[ Idly, Riza did wonder if kitchen trysts were truly doable, or if they were better left in the realm of fiction. While it seemed to be another moment of "not here", she did mention she had better furnishings than he did.

Her gaze briefly swept to the skin by Roy's collar, up to his lips, then to his eyes. She always sought his agreement, but in the cases that he had other plans, she trusted whatever decision he came to. ]

We can move.

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