drownsinflowers: (you're cheerful)
Roy Mustang ([personal profile] drownsinflowers) wrote 2013-10-18 09:28 pm (UTC)

[Despite how delicate their situation was, and how complex it had been in the past, he'd decided that tonight he would just give in to the things he desired.

Whatever they were, whatever they were to become, whatever they had been - they deserved this. The alcohol swimming through both their systems wasn't going to make for an incredibly decent excuse for either one of them, but he had a feeling that even in their brief discussions they'd managed to come to a conclusion.

This was theirs for now, however long 'now' was supposed to last for - that didn't matter.

What mattered most to him as of this very moment, stood in Riza's kitchen, supposedly waiting for the tea to steep, was this closeness. The touch of her fingers against his cheek, the way their hands locked together at her waist, the feeling of her body pressed so encouragingly against his own.

His response to the turn of her head was to reward her with a kiss, slightly awkward given the angle, but brief thanks to the interruption.]

Forget the tea.

[His mumble wasn't a demand, more a suggestion, because his hands already started moving, along with the rest of him. A tug of their linked hands, and he made a point of keeping her close with his other hand even as he turned her toward himself - head dipped to be able to kiss her again, feet shifting in the hopes that the counter would serve as a good place to press her against.]

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