drownsinflowers: (thank you)
Roy Mustang ([personal profile] drownsinflowers) wrote 2013-10-18 05:32 pm (UTC)

[Thinking about the past in comparison to the present was something he'd done regularly since they'd ended the battle against homunculus. The things they'd been through, together and apart were burned in his memory and would remain there for years to come, but this thing - the very thing that seemed to be manifesting as some sort of separate entity around them as they stood here together was helping to make those memories fade into the background.

There were other things going through his head now, things fuelled by an act so simple as the gentle shift of her body against him. Tea was suddenly the second last thing on his mind, and he wondered if perhaps it had been silly to suggest they try to have a reprieve from this. They were human, and this was... natural. Wasn't it?

His head tipped into the press of her fingers against his cheeks, and he dropped one of his own hands in direct response, catching at her hip to tug her more flush against him. The kisses, he made sure to keep giving, working his way from the juncture of her shoulder and her neck and up toward her ear instead.]

You're better at that sort of thing.

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