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Roy Mustang ([personal profile] drownsinflowers) wrote 2013-10-17 08:15 pm (UTC)

[Whatever he thought about the time after death didn't matter, and he, like Riza was undecided about what it might be, and even whether there was something for anyone after this.

Which might have been an added excuse for pursuing this.

As Riza turned away from him he felt the need to touch her again rise, and he even reached out his fingers toward her. It was a pointless exercise, seeing as he'd made the call to get on with tea - but he accepted it with a hum that also served to acknowledge the instruction.

It struck him whilst he fetched two cups that this felt incredibly natural - despite the thoughts that swam through his head about whether this was something impermanent.

They were still on the cusp of this thing, and he felt sure that one wrong move on either part could topple the tower they'd built tonight. So, was he supposed to play it cool, or go with the flow?]


[A quick glance up at her, but he fetched the honey, quietly considering the possibilities. Taking the bull by the horns was something he was good at for anything that would seal the deal on his public dreams, and perhaps-- after tonight he needed to do the same for them.

It was the sole reason that he stepped into the space just behind her, starting slow by placing his hand on the small of Riza's back, head tilted to watch whilst his fingers slipped around the curve of her body until he'd pressed so close that it was only proper for both hands to settle around his Lieutenant.]

The tea needs to steep.

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