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[ The next life... was there even such a thing? It wasn't a thought that Riza entertained too often, but in the rare chance that she did, regardless in what form she took, she felt that she would be looking after someone she felt deeply for.

But for now, there was only this one life. So many times in which they both stood in the face of Death, only to cheat him of his tribute. Their dream was important and it was coming true; but surely, they have been spared for other reasons than that? And perhaps, Hughes' harping about Roy getting a wife all that time wasn't so silly after all.

Her own skin was warm, and it took some quiet reminder on her part that yes, the kettle was singing and that she wasn't keen on burning the kitchen down; and, as a humorous afterthought, specially not with the dry match she was holding close to her.

With a slow, controlled breath, Riza pulled away to tend to the tea she had promised -- ]

They're in the cupboard above the sink.

[ Roy wasn't alone in entertaining questions. Up to this point, Riza was thinking if it wasn't already too late to put a stop to this. They had nurtured a dream so carefully over so many years, all the while guarding their hearts. Was this how it felt, once a door was open? That hidden emotions felt as if they grew wings and ached to soar in the sky?

Riza's hands were as steady as ever as she poured water into the pot to let the tea steep. Maybe-- maybe tea would clear their minds; or maybe she was just looking for a convincing excuse to say that this was all a mistake and that she didn't mean to meet him halfway, that she didn't mean to want to kiss him and -- ]

Here. [ She took a small tray that she had left on the dish rack and placed it on the counter, while she took care of the rest of the tea effects. ] Will you get the jar of honey as well, please? It's in the cupboard to your right.

[ was it already too late to stop what has already taken flight? ]

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