drownsinflowers: (DENIAL)
Roy Mustang ([personal profile] drownsinflowers) wrote 2013-10-10 07:21 pm (UTC)

[It might have taken them a long time too, but the way things were going - he had a feeling it was going to be well worth it.

A hand on his cheek had him tipping his head into the touch - unable to tear her eyes away from hers. They'd shared looks before, but they had never been like this. In the past he might have accidentally looked her way in the middle of a moment - but it had never lasted.]


[He had nothing more to say on the matter of their colleagues and friends, especially not if she was going to kiss him so obviously, and boldly he thought - for Riza.

His own hands slipped tighter around her waist as he bent in to press his lips against hers, something innocent for the fact that they were alone, in the confines of her kitchen with nothing to disturb them.

It was the sound of the kettle beginning to whistle that made him reach a hand up to her neck, slipping his fingers gently behind her head to keep her there. Tea could wait.]

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