inhersights: (31-04)
Lt. Riza Hawkeye ([personal profile] inhersights) wrote in [personal profile] drownsinflowers 2013-10-08 07:14 pm (UTC)

[ Riza certainly wouldn't mind Roy roaming around her house -- he was very welcome to do so. However, she felt that she just needed him around in the same space. She had this silly notion that if she let him out of her sight, he would just disappear -- that and she wanted to enjoy that casual proximity that they were starting to enjoy.

As she moved about the kitchen, fetching her tea tin, filling the kettle with water... ]

She likes him, and Hayate likes her in return. I might just be a little jealous.

[ She took a cue from that remark, slightly raising a brow as she looked at him sidelong, taking a measure of loose leaf tea into an infuser, and in turn into a pot. ]

You think so?

[ Not that Roy did not have a choice, but the lines of what could be seen as leadership are often blurred. After the water was set to heat, Riza stepped up to Roy to face him, humor in her smile. ]

I can serve you tea in your office if you like. [ She took a breath, adding somewhat belatedly as a reminder of sorts. ] You know you can ask anything of me.

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