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Lt. Riza Hawkeye ([personal profile] inhersights) wrote in [personal profile] drownsinflowers 2013-10-07 08:38 pm (UTC)

[ When was the last time they could actually feel 'safe' spending time in each other's house, without it being on an official basis? Of course, one can say that General Mustang was just being a gentleman and decided to walk his adjutant home. One can almost surmise as well that he had been ambushed with take-home work, so that he would be ready for work tomorrow. What others thought didn't matter at that moment.

After hanging Roy's jacket and her soft evening shawl, Riza was comfortable enough in her dress, but she truly had to step out of her heels. ]

Hayate's with the landlady downstairs. I'll be fetching him first thing in the morning.

[ If there was proper protocol on how to deal with a change or new additions in a relationship, Riza didn't know it. She moved in the that felt natural to her -- like reaching for Roy's hand to lead him, just like the first few days of his apprenticeship with her father. ]

We can sit in the kitchen, or you can wait in the living room. Tea won't take long to steep.

[ ... not that there was a big house to lead him around in. Was it such a sin to want to hold the hand of her heart's dearest? ]

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